Transport and delivery

Gallons our delivery trucks can accommodate

Smaller propane Trucks

Harmon Oil & Propane’s smaller propane trucks hold between 2,700-3,500 gallons

Smaller Fuel Trucks

Harmon Oil & Propane’s smaller fuel trucks hold between 3,500-5,000 gallons

Transport Trucks

Harmon Oil & Propane’s transport trucks hold 12,000-18,000 gallons.

Reliable Service

Quality Fuels

No Hidden Fees

Emergency Delivery

Something for Everyone

Whether you're running a furnace, heavy equipment, or farm equipment, we have full line of fuel ready to be delivered to you.

For larger loads of fuel (8000 gallons or more) let Harmon Oil & Propane deliver quality fuel when and where you need it. We have an entire fleet of transport trucks that are equip to fill your large capacity tanks anywhere you like within Michigan. We work with great efficiency and reliability to ensure your fuel gets into your tanks when you want it. Our customers satisfaction is what has made us what we are today. Weather you have above or underground gas, diesel or propane tanks, we will make sure your fuel arrives when you want it.

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