Affordable Propane Refilling

Home Heat

Let us help you avoid hidden fees and being overcharged this season with our great prices and flexible programs that will help you breathe a little easier while we are filling your tanks.


At Harmon Oil & Propane, we are more than ready to take on all your commercial needs! From Diesel, Gasoline, Propane, Lubes and Oils, DEF and more….we will deliver the products and satisfaction that you deserve.


Go Farming With Harmon Oil & Propane has been a part of our motto for decades! Our family owned business started out partnering with farmers over 46 years ago. We know farming and we know what is important to you!


We will be more than happy to efficiently and affordably refill your cylinders here at Harmon Oil. Gas grill cylinders, fork lifts, small heat tanks and more can all be filled by one of our helpful service workers.

Learn how much Harmon Oil & Propane can save your family, business or farm by requesting a quote.
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Our Prices

Our Prices: At Harmon Oil & Propane we pride ourselves on competitive prices without the hidden fees. You won’t find all those HIDDEN FEES that you might be used to seeing on your current bill.


Our Delivery Services

We are here to bring you quality fuels when you need them. We work hard to keep you happy and your tanks full.

Our Programs

We have a variety of programs to fit your payment needs and take the worry out of buying fuel.


Our Promise

At Harmon Oil & Propane, we promise to not only deliver fuel, but to deliver complete satisfaction.