Oils and lubes

Reliable Oil Service

In order to protect your investments of machinery and vehicles, you need to be able to rely on high quality lubes and oils to keep your engine working as hard as you do. We will provide you with all types of lubes and oils (Motor Oil, Synthetics, Hydraulic Oil, DEF, Grease and more) and deliver them how you prefer it be delivered. We can provide large totes with pumps, gravity fed systems, barrels/drums or even smaller quantities at your request.


We also will supply you with DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) when you need it. More and more vehicles are using DEF every day in order to comply with government mandates on engine manufacturing. DEF doesn’t have to be a complete hassle. Let Harmon Oil & Propane take some of the stress off your shoulders and show you how we will provide it in quantities that make sense for you and your business. 
Motor Oil

We carry a variety of motor oils at Harmon Oil & Propane to satisfy all your engine needs.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic Oils have been continually becoming more popular and we are ready to deliver just what your engine needs.

Hydraulic Oil

Our team is ready to deliver high quality hydraulic oil to keep your equipment working as hard as you do!


No matter how much or how little you need, we will supply you with Diesel Exhaust Fluid. From small quantities to large totes, we will take care of all your DEF needs. Free large storage totes to those who qualify.

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Our Prices

At Harmon Oil & Propane we pride ourselves on competitive prices without the hidden fees. You won’t find all those HIDDEN FEES that you might be used to seeing on your current bill.

Our Delivery Services

We are here to bring you quality fuels when you need them. We work hard to keep you happy and your tanks full

Our Programs

We have a variety of programs to fit your payment needs and take the worry out of buying fuel.

Our Promise

At Harmon Oil & Propane, we promise to not only deliver fuel, but to deliver complete satisfaction.